Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid - CS-G6813

The Cultsport Pec Fly machine is ideal for increasing chest strength and muscle mass by targeting the pectoralis muscles. The unique feature of overhead floating pivot creates a biomechanical correct motion and accommodates individual forearm lengths. Optimized handle position reduces the need to adjust the seat between rear deltoid and fly exercise. The easy-adjust start position and dual hand positions offer exercise variety.

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Product Details


  • Dimensions : 825 x 2043 x 1136 mm
  • Color : Black silver & Flash Silver Black Ash
  • Muscle Trained : The pectorals major muscle, trapezius muscle
  • Weight Plates : 100 kgs
  • Tube Size : 150 x 50 x t2.0mm


  • Ergonomic Seat
  • Accessible Increment Weights
  • Phone & Mobile Holder
  • Range-Of-Motion
  • Dual Handpositions
  • Seat Adjustment