Barbell Rack - CS-G6883

The Cultsport barbell rack is made using high strength steel tube and has a smooth internal finish. This rack is compact and utilises the available floor space optimally. This barbell bar rack features 10 pegs on each side to accommodate weights of different configurations, making it easier for athletes and exercisers to safely load and unload barbells easily. Designed for fitness centers and gyms, these barbell bar rack offers a safe and convenient solution to store the barbells.

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Product Details


  • Dimensions : 905 x 925 x 1388 mm
  • Color : Black Silver & Flash Silver Black Ash
  • Material - Steel
  • Tube Size : 40 x 120 x t2.0 mm


  • Space Optimizing Design
  • Pegs On Either Side To Hold Barbell
  • High Quality Durable Material